cyber attacks

Are you searching for different ways that can keep your data protected? If it is the case, then you must have heard about ‘firewall security’. Firewall provide protection against intrusion by hackers while it is linked to the internet literature. But the question here arises that is firewall enough to protect you against cyber-attacks?
However, trusting the firewall tool entirely might develop a fake sense of security. The firewall will not function single-handedly regardless of the implementation or intention since it is not a solution. The organizations use IPS and IDS services along with firewall in order to protect the data from threats and hacks. With all the current cyber-attacks, threats are increasing day by day because of which the hackers get on job training.

What do we mean by IDS?

IDS is a tool that is used for protection of servers. It’s a visibility tool that helps in the traffic monitoring at many points and also offer visibility into the network’s security stance. The IDS come across deep into the network and also checks whatever happening from the safety point of view.

cyber attacks

What does a Firewall do?

A firewall is controlled by a set of fixed guidelines that either permit or oppose the access to precise computer connections. These guidelines can be modified to tailored to the user’s requirement on any device that is competent enough to go online.

Firewalls and IDS solutions are kept very close to the protected servers and yet they cannot be considered as the first line of defence. However, this is precisely where DDoS attacks should mitigate. The consequence is that DDoS attacks should go through the confined data centre without being detected through the necessary system security solutions.
Without a doubt, DDoS attacks have mainly changed the security background. As businesses adjust their security structural design in order to efficiently bring down the availability-based attacks, there is no doubt that the tools they organize must persist change as well. While firewalls and IPS play an important role in the protecting the system, cyber-threats today require a holistic solution that can shield the network and application’s level and efficiently differentiate between illegal and genuine traffic in order to keep an organization safe and running.