Our phones are extremely vulnerable to attacks and can be hacked by attackers even thousands of miles away; our phone numbers, emails and fraudulent websites lay open on the mercy of attackers regardless of our phones and applications being password protected.

How can we protect ourselves against cyber-attacks?

The internet is a dark place where one can never be sure of what might happen, however, we can try following ways to protect ourselves from becoming victims of cyber-attacks. Here’s how:

1. Don’t share your personal information with strangers online.

The way we portray ourselves online, affects us in real lives. Sharing your personal details such as location, parent’s name, school name and phone number can lead people in finding you and puts you in a grave danger both online as well as offline. One needs to be careful while posting private information online and make sure that your information is visible to only those who know you. Sharing information can be extremely dangerous because you may can never guess the psychology of the person sitting on the other end of the computer.

2. Use a strong password to secure your account

Accounts on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. are quite easy to hack, especially when people use passwords like ‘abcd’, ‘12345’, name of their favourite pet or even their own names. People need to make sure that their passwords are based on the features that are required of a strong password. A strong password:

1. Contains more than eight (alphanumeric) characters.

2. Is a combination of lower and upper case alphabets.

3. Should at least have a number

4. Should consist of a special character such as ‘# ‘ or a ‘*’

5. Should be unique

6. Should not consist of your personal details

7. It is very important to keep your password safe and should not be kept written anywhere.

What is Cyber-bullying?

Like a coin has two sides, while there are people who use technology for the betterment of society, there is a sect that is misusing technology. Cyber-bullying can affect a victim’s mental health and affect them in real lives. Teenage is a very influencing period of human life. They are the most affected section of society that suffers from cyber-bullying. It is important that adults monitor the cyber presence of their wards and guide them against cyber-crimes.

What should one keep in mind while using smartphones?

Avoid sending funds to your online friends as you might not aware about their real identity and the reason behind their need for money. There are good chances that this friend is trying to scam you.

Hopefully, these pointers will not only help you safeguard your sensitive information online but also, will help you live a secure life outside the world of internet.